Manufacturing Software Solutions

You deserve a solution that will streamline processes, improve traceability, and limit exposure to product recalls.

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Solutions for Any Industry

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the challenges are the same. You need to streamline processes, satisfy the requirements for the next program, and find a way to reduce time spent on administrative jobs. You need to make complex, cumbersome processes and make them foolproof so that they’re always delivering on time and on budget.

We support  regulatory, quality, and labeling requirements for all industries so that regardless of what your products are or who your end user is, you’re avoiding situations that lead to high costs, high errors, and high frustration levels.


Aerospace and Defense



Food Processing

Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems

VIA’s premier Manufacturing Execution System Software enables manufacturing companies across any industry to achieve unparalleled results.

Industrial Internet of things

Industrial Internet of things

Connect both your new and legacy equipment to the cloud for real-time global performance dashboards.

Data centers

Data centers

Our cloud offerings, such as our Artificial Intelligence engine, scour the big traceability data for hidden clues to improve operational costs. And your historical traceability data is stored on our cloud permanently.

MAN-IT Product Suite

Man-IT Vital Plant – Complete MES

With Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution Systems, scalability, integration, and execution issues are history.


With mounting pressure to increase production and decrease cost, without sacrificing quality, you must be sharp. You need to have a rigorous focus on production improvement, process enforcement and quality, and you have to be willing to tackle the opportunities and challenges that get in the way. But at razor thin efficiencies, where do you find the resources? Where do you find the justification? Where do you find the time? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Manufacturing Execution System software represents a key IT resource for manufacturing operations of all sizes and types. Because of its role in coordinating the full operational scope of manufacturing execution work, the benefits of Manufacturing Execution System software are equally relevant for made-to-stock, made-to-order, and process manufacturers.

The chief benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems are derived through improvements in the following process areas: data gathering, real time and historical reporting, production planning, job release and resource optimization, production workflow management, and quality management.

VIA’s Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution System solutions help manufacturers drive the metrics that matter most.  Through a mixture of data availability, real-time alerting, process enforcement, quality interactions management, automated data collection, part tracking, production schedule visbility, and work instructions. Vital Plant Manufacturing Execution Systems can help manufactures optimize performance in any environment.

  • Real Time and Historical Reporting
  • Process Enforcement
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Time Saving Templates
  • Data Security
  • Unlimited Options

Vital Route

Vital Route provides the confidence that your process routings will be followed as designed.  There is no longer the worry that a part will skip operations or follow the wrong route.  With Vital Route you have it covered with true routing and process enforcement.​

  • Routing Validation​
  • Poke-Yoke​
  • Real-Time Status
  • Consumption and Processing​
  • Status Driven Validation​
  • Prevent Passed on Defects

Vital ID

Vital ID delivers unique serialization of products and allows for traceability down to the single piece/product level.  Regulations in today’s market require suppliers to comply with complete traceability and it provides logistical operational advantages not to mention evolving Customer mandates.

Vital ID allows you to serialize your parts based on Customer and regulatory authorities specific serial number formats, including the necessary degrees of intelligence.

  • Configurable Serialization
  • Label Reading
  • Customized Label Printing
  • Standardize Identification
  • Error Proofing

Vital Quarantine

Vital Quarantine is about catching defects and correlating process information to prevent further defects.  It is about having the knowledge to salvage the good material and rework the bad.  It is about preventing suspect product from getting out the door.

  • Quarantine Suspect Materials at Receiving/During Production
  • Tie LAT Results to Shipping Authorization
  • Manage Sample Size, Plan and Values
  • Manage Variable Production Lot Definitions  

Vital Pack

Vital Pack allows you to get the right label on the right package or the right product in the right box.  The #1 cause for returns among business to business transactions is mislabeled product.

Vital Pack identifies each unit prior to labeling, and the ensures you are using the proper label every time.

  • Master Pack
  • Containerization
  • Validate Label Compliance
  • Meet Complex Customer Requirements
  • Packout Validation/Error Proofing

Vital Trace

Traceability is so much more than tracking lots.  Recording vendor lot numbers at receiving isn’t good enough anymore.  Guessing a lot and process content within a few months simply will not cut it.

To gain a completive edge, you need to know exactly what went into each and every product.  And not just what: When, where and by whom.  What are the additives, environmental variables and chain of custody?

With Vital Trace, stop guessing – you have the data.

  • Part tracking
  • Parametric Data Capture
  • Central Authoritative Trace
  • In-Process Data Collection
  • Traceability and Genealogy

Vital Response

Vital Response enables your processes to openly communicate.  You can freeze defects in their tracks and utilize the data to compare and contrast this parametric data between operations, production lines, and facilities in real time.

  • Real-Time Parametric Data Validation and Alerting
  • Controls Connectivity
  • Set Point and Recipe Delivery
  • Operational Level Bill of Materials Enforcement
  • Defect Capture at Time of Failure

Vital Verify

Vital Verify provides digital records of shift events including set up conditions, tool changes, material changes and process adjustments.

  • Verify Setup, Calibration and Change—Over
  • Corrective Action Documentation
  • Inspection and Audit Record Keeping
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Statistical Charting

Vital Flow

Vital Flow provides you  the ability to produce and pack at the right time, the right way.  You will have the ability to drive down product inventory, react quickly to Customer orders, build to order, deliver to sequence and control the flow of product throughout the process.

  • EDI, Broadcast
  • Match to Production Orders
  • JIT/JIS, ILVS, Modular Call-Off
  • Drive Down Finished Product Inventory
  • Assemble Based on Sequence or Configuration Order

Vital IT

Vital IT is your link between our MES solution and your business systems. Connecting to your ERP, Sales Order Management Systems and other Business Intelligence Platforms will enable you to push/pull data and centralize your shop floor system with clear and accurate real-time, in process historical data trending.

  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Handoff
  • API Integration to business systems such as ERP, SCM, PLM, and CRM
MAN-IT Product Suite

You Deserve More From Your Operations 

Our MES technology is transforming how companies operate, enabling the movement from manual paper-based processes to more intelligent, automated systems. By removing the need for paper-based monitoring and reporting, our systems can improve efficiency, provide meaningful business insights, eliminate room for error, and enable the better utilization of resources.