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JIT Sequencing and Build to Order are demanding and with ever changing requirements can be an overwhelming task for any manufacturing facility. Just in time Sequencing and Build to Order processing are becoming more the norm. Manufacturers have more of a focus today on controlling the flow of their production to reduce waste, reduce inventory on hand, increase productivity and increase margins. Utilize Man-IT’s rules based optimization to level your production across your operations to maximize availability and understand the ROI of optimized production.

Sequencing Example

OEM requirements can be demanding and utilizing a software that is proven in these critical manufacturing processes is a must to maintain the flow and connectivity required to meet these requirements.


Man-IT’s Broadcast Receiver is the receiver of your OEM requirements directly from the OEM. Whether you are providing JIT Sequencing or Build to order, the Broadcast Receiver translates these requirements in the Man-IT tables which is then provided to the Production Lines for execution.

Station Pick Lists

Creating pick lists takes the guess work out of what is needed next as Man-IT guides you through from picking to packing. Confidence in the fact that you have built it right and in the right order makes an often perceived difficult manufacturing process easy to follow.


Client screens can be configured and designed to fit any Order Execution need.   Continuous validations and verifications build in the most comprehensive error proofing system on the market.  With critical timelines and on-time-delivery requirements, errors are not acceptable

Client Screens
Build to Order

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Vital Flow

  • Drive down finished product inventory, react quickly to customer orders, build to order and deliver to sequence
  • Make to Order, Pack to Order, or Pick and Repack to Order
  • Assemble complex products precisely per sequence instruction or configuration order
  • Order optimization and distribution across the product environment

Functionality Highlights

✔ JIT/JIS, ILVS, Modular Call-Off

✔ EDI, Broadcast

✔ Match Production to Orders

✔ Level production flow through the plant

✔ Production Optimization

Vital IT

  • Integrate with any business system. Yes, any!
  • Aggregation
  • Data Handoff
  • Query Building
  • Interface Specific

Functionality Highlights

✔ ERP Integrations

✔ Business System Integration

✔ Web Services