Manufacturing Flexibility

MAN-IT Business Atom Engine

MAN-IT Business Atom Engine

You deserve a solution that will streamline processes, improve traceability, and limit exposure to product recalls. Using VIA’s MAN-IT software, easily build a solution tailored to your specific needs, without any coding. Our Business Atom library allows you to create, share and customize Process Maps to collect data, enforce routings, connect to machines, and print labels. Schedule a Demo today and find out where no-code started!

Full Control

Full Control

Take control of your MES and Traceability needs!

Use our platform to collect data and enforce processes exactly as you want it. MAN-IT is a flexible traceability system designed to behave differently at specific operations. No more one size fits all.

Making Manufacturing Magic

Making Manufacturing Magic

The best manufacturing systems aren’t just about preventing potential catastrophes, but driving proactive solutions that help you achieve your goals.

That’s our core belief and it’s what motivates us every day.

We understand that companies like yours have an absolute need to drive efficiencies, effectiveness and productivity, with every movement. Time lost, wasted effort, and execution misses can lead you toward missing targets or even worse, toward bankruptcy or closure. 

We’re happy to say that in our 30+ years, we’ve seen outstanding manufacturing improvement, we’ve seen tremendous results and have helped our clients create a strong competitive advantage…we’re proud to be a part of that.



Start out big or start small. Our MES fits all budgets.

Many software vendors charge for more than what is utilized: extra functions which don’t apply to your business, per user fees, and long contract terms.

Not us. Our business model is built around only paying for what you use. No user limits. Choose the functionality you need at each point of use. Simply add up what is used.

We have a highly-experienced global services team equipped with the domain expertise needed to apply our MAN-IT software to a multitude of manufacturing environments.

And, we have the most competitive rates in the industry.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Flexible Process

Flexible Process Maps allow you to collect data and enforce processes to meet your needs. Real time changes and modifications are a snap using our drag and drop interface!

Over 400 Business

Over 400 Business Atoms are available to match your unique shop floor processes.

Handle Events

Handle Events and Actions at any point in the manufacturing process.

Easily create Process

Easily create Process Maps using our web based configuration and Map building tool.

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Joyson Safety Systems

Take Control Over Your Software

Process Map Creation

Easily collect data and enforce your shop floor controls by having MAN-IT conform to your process and work they way you want it to.

Easily Modify a Process Map

Process changed? New traceability requirement? Easily change MAN-IT whenever needed, without coding or expensive custom development efforts.