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Traceability is so much more than tracking lot numbers.

Recording vendor lot numbers at receiving isn’t good enough anymore. Guessing at lot and process content within a few months won’t cut it. To gain a competitive edge, you need to know exactly what went into each and every product. And not just what: When, where, and by whom. Additives, environmental variables, and chain of custody.  You have the data; stop guessing.

Vital Trace embodies four core duties of the Traceability Imperative:


Raw Material / Content Lot Tracking


Genealogy: Multi-level content tracking of component products, sub-assemblies, ingredients


Gather and associate in-process as-built product status, inspection results, parametric data, and tooling information


Pedigree: Reporting down to individual piece/product level of lot content, ingredients, locations, operations, carbon footprint, operators, timestamps, environmental variables, chain of custody, and equipment. Reverse tracking of the same to determine exposure, identify populations.

When Vital Trace is used in conjunction with other Vital Plant Apps, the Traceability Imperative is addressed more fully. Protect lives. Prevent defects. Gain a competitive edge. Innovate faster. Standardize dynamically. Do it right, every time.