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Build to Order. Sequence delivery. Respond to modular call-offs. Configurable part families. JIT/JIS. Innovate.

Simply building inventory and packing products isn’t good enough anymore. To gain a competitive edge, you need to be able to produce the right product at the right time, the right way. Drive down finished product inventory, react quickly to customer orders, build to order and deliver to sequence, control the flow of product through the process.

Vital Flow embodies three core duties of the Traceability Imperative:


Match production as closely to orders as possible


Enable and enforce optimal material flow through your process


Assemble complex product precisely per sequence instruction or configuration order. (JIT/JIS, ILVS, Modular Call-Off)

When Vital Flow is used in conjunction with Vital Trace, the Traceability Imperative is addressed more fully. Protect lives. Prevent defects. Gain a competitive edge. Innovate faster. Standardize dynamically. Do it right, every time.