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Solve the Traceability Imperative On-Premise with Man-IT® software

Independent andon signals can alert operators and management to distinct issues needing attention.  Financial analytics can provide plant management and boardrooms information needed to improve processes over the course of time.  You can do better.  By combining instantaneous signals with the underlying information, and integrating operational performance information with financial impact, top priority patterns can be highlighted, improving both operational and financial performance.

VIA has a uniquely configurable & flexible solution: Business Atoms


Adjust App behavior without programming


Create your own traceability apps


Reduce plant floor maintenance & IT costs


Enable real-time changes, supports dynamic manufacturing processes


Foundation for continuous innovation

VIA provides a common set of manufacturing process templates


Leverage “Best Practices”: Export and circulate process apps, adjust locally


Reduce design, deployment time and effort

VIA offers a Modular & Scalable technology platform


Object Oriented Architecture (OOA)


Common platform across all manufacturing facilities


Repeatable processes



VIA applications are plant-floor hardware, database, and ERP impartial solutions