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Our applications platform was created to allow you to install & go.  Its intuitive user interface enables you to lower costs and roll out traceability quickly. If you would like our traceability experts to help with your first implementation, or every implementation – we are ready.

This 4-day training seminar will teach the student how to use the Man-IT® system to design a variety of sample Manufacturing Lines. The concepts and standard practices used in the training will be transferable as they return to their own facilities to design their unique production processes.


Students will become well versed in Man-IT® terminology as well as navigation within the system. They will gain a good understanding of how to create Models, Cells, Lines, Routing, and Bills of Materials in the system. Students will also be introduced to Atoms, Events, and Mapping.


They will leave with a solid understanding of standard processes, typical errors, problem solving within the Man-IT® system, and a look at a variety of ways to handle different manufacturing requirements. They will understand the different components that make up the Man-IT® system including the Data Communication Server and get an overview of System Architecture, Installation, and Admin duties.

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Instructor-led classroom learning

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